Phoenix, Arizona Rattlesnake, Fondue, Steaks, Lobster, Tacos, Oh My!

Southwest American Specialties and a Taste of Mexico!

Life is pretty hot here in Phoenix, but the temperature isn’t the only thing heating up around here! Everyone in Phoenix loves catching a baseball game at Chase Field, cooling at off at Wet N’ Wild Phoenix, sampling some of the best Mexican cooking over the border, and even chowing down on rattlesnake and cactus fries! Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Phoenix has amazing restaurants, pubs, and cafes, that you’ll definitely want to check out starting with the Stockyards Restaurant, the perfect place to satisfy your inner carnivore with options like venison sausages and elk medallions. At the Melting Pot, you can enjoy the perfect date night and a variety of American delights, which is both vegetarian and carnivore friendly, as you can eat everything from lobster tail to steak to their favorite cheese and chocolate fondues. Mix things up a bit by checking out the Mexican food scene at Devil’s Advocate in Tempe which boasts $1 taco Tuesdays and complete or end your date night by going on an Arizona Brewery Tour and sampling the latest and more refreshing craft beers of the southwest or even take a hot air balloon ride in the sky! Also, don’t forget to bring your camera or iPhone and snag a few photos of Arizona’s unique and diverse animals like their desert tortoises, wild pigs, mountain lions, and Gila monsters while you’re here!

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