Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Did Someone say Cheesesteaks or Italian?

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the home of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, is a popular urban center not just for food and history but is also the perfect place to find nightlife, cozy cafes, cocktail lounges, theatre, museums, and more. First off, you can’t leave town without trying a Philly cheesesteak! The tourists go straight to the two head-to-head competing cheesesteak spots, Pat’s and Geno’s, but we suggest that you try Philly’s classic cheesesteak at Tony Luke’s in South Philly or at Jim’s Steaks on South Street, a fun area, exploding with flavors, restaurants, pubs, and live music. Keep things upscale and enjoy an evening near Rittenhouse Square and chow down on a sushi burrito at Hai Street Kitchen & Co or go crazy for the donuts and fried chicken at the locals’ favorite Federal Donuts! You’ll find casual dining opportunities to fine dining alike throughout the city and an impressive amount of true Italian flavors in the heart of the Bella Vista neighborhood at highly-acclaimed restaurants such as Dante & Luigi’s and Ralph’s Italian Restaurant which have both been open since 1900! Then again, if you’re looking for casual breakfast dining the best place is Sabrina’s where you simply must order the stuffed challah french toast or stroll through the Reading Terminal Market and choose from the world’s flavors! Basically, there are virtually limitless dining options in the city of brotherly love so feel free to dig in!

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